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Party Delegation visited Burma

A ten-member delegation of Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) made a study visit to Burma from 10 December 2012 to 18 January 2013 under an agreement with the Burmese government reached during the process of talks between DPNS and the government’s peace working committee.

While in Burma, the delegation held meetings with President Office Minister U Soe Thein, President Office Minister and Vice-chair of Peace Working Committee U Aung Min, Minister for Immigration and Population U Khin Yi, Union Election Commission Chairman U Tin Aye and its commissioners.  Besides, the party delegation was received by Karen State Government led by Chief Minister U Zaw Min.

(DPNS delegation meeting with Union Election Commission in Nay Pyi Taw on 26 December 2012)

The party delegation visited offices of political parties and civil society organizations in Rangoon and across the country during its 40-day visit in Burma, and met with political leaders including those of National League for Democracy (NLD), ethnic political parties and veteran politicians, 88 generation students, leaders and members of mass organizations including All Burma Federation of Students Union (ABFSU), labour movements and farmer movements, prominent figures such as Dagon Tayar and Daw Khin Swe Oo, and social and political activists in Rangoon, Pegu, Toungoo, Nay Pyi Taw, Pyinmana, Meithtilar, Mandalay, Siggaing, Monywar, Hsarlingyi, Pakkhukkhu, Nyaung-oo, Magwe, Prome, Shwe Daung, Thae Gone, Paung-te, Nattalin, Zeegone, Thone-hse, Myaung Mya, Bassein and Mawlamyein.

A meeting of members of party organizing committees, party members and supporters from all over the country was organized in Rangoon on 14 January 2013 and reached an agreement on the 8-point programme for re-organizing and strengthening the DPNS.

(DPNS delegation with leaders of 88 Generation Students in Rangoon on 13 December 2012)

(DPNS delegation with Prominent Poets in Rangoon on 18 December 2012)

(DPNS delegation meeting with political activists and local people in Toungoo on 24 December 2012)

(DPNS delegation meeting with farmers in area of Letpadaung Copper Mine Project on 2 January 2013)

(DPNS delegation meeting with farmers in Thae Gone on 6 January 2013)

(DPNS delegation meeting with political activists in Prome on 7 January 2013)

(DPNS delegation meeting with farmers in Prome on 7 January 2013)

(DPNS delegation visiting a community education center in Paung-te on 8 January 2013)

(DPNS delegation meeting with political activists in Paung-te on 8 January 2013)

(A meeting of DPNS organizing committees and party members held in Rangoon on 14 January 2013)

(DPNS delegation meeting with the press in Rangoon on 15 January 2013)


Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU) and Youth for a New Society (YNS) began their cooperation and relationship

12 November 2012

Ms Marie Borum Pedersen and Mr Jens Hjorth-Larsen, comrades from Social Democratic Youth of Denmark (DSU) visited the office of Youth for a New Society (YNS) near the Thailand-Burma border from 4-11 November 2012.  The visit marked the first ever cooperation between the two youth organizations from Denmark and Burma.  It is a visit of identification of future cooperation between DSU and YNS aiming at sharing experiences and establishing a strong relationship between the two organizations.

During the visit, DSU representatives made presentation on Danish Social Democratic Party, Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU) and its affiliation with Danish Youth Council (DUF).  In exchange, YNS leaders presented updates on current political development in Burma, facts about DPNS and YNS and YNS’s political views on issues related to democracy, peace, equality and justice in Burma.  Beside, a workshop on cooperation and project planning was organized.

“We have learnt a lot from experiences of our Danish comrades. We feel a strong connection even though this is our first meeting. We have had a great week and series of fruitful discussion with them. We are happy that we could set up a relationship between DSU and YNS, and we are looking forward to building closer cooperation in the spirit of international solidarity in the future” said Naw Maybel Htoo, Chairperson of YNS.

DSU representatives also visited the DPNS political training school and offices of Burmese civil and political organizations based near the Thai-Burmese border. Furthermore, they also had an opportunity to visit Mae La refugee camp.

DPNS and Government Minister U Aung Min agreed for signing an agreement on an official return of DPNS back to Burma

10 November 2012

A delegation of Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) led by Chairperson Aung Moe Zaw held a talk with the government peace delegation led by Union Minister U Aung Min in Chaing Mai, Thailand on 10 November 2012.

“This time, we mainly discussed on signing an agreement on our party’s official return [to Burma] and sending a party delegation to prepare on this regard.  Union Minister U Aung Min agreed to our proposal,” said Aung Moe Zaw.  Besides, issues of national identity cards and household registrations for party members and matters related to education for children of party members were also raised during an hour meeting.

Party delegation at the meeting included Aung Moe Zaw, Ngwe Lin, Zaw Zaw Htun, Toe Toe Tun, Tin Aye and Noe Noe Htet San.

Members of Swedish Social Democratic Youth (SSU) visited Party Political Training School

5 November 2012

The 5-member delegation of Swedish Social Democratic Youth (SSU) led by General Secretary of S-student Ms. Eleonore Eriksson and International Secretary Ms. Darina Agha visited the party political training school administered by Youth for a New Society (YNS) near the Thailand-Burma border from 29 October to 4 November 2012.

The delegation held a seminar on “Internal Democracy” at the political training school with young activists from Burma on 1 November 2012.   During their visit, the SSU representatives held meetings with leaders of YNS on cooperation and programmes related to strengthening relationship between SSU and YNS.  Besides, two members of the delegation also exchanged their experiences with their penpals from the school.

Naw Maybel Htoo, the Chairperson of YNS said “We have very good cooperation in the joint programme of political training school and we believe that we reach our goals to empower our young people and mobilize them to have more youth participation in politics.”

DPNS and European Socialists in Cooperation

2 November 2012

Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) in cooperation with Party of European Socialists – Stockholm Branch held seminars on internal democracy and social media at the party worker centre on 30 October 2012 and 1 November 2012.  The events are part of the joint programme between DPNS and Swedish Social Democratic Party and supported by the Olof Palme International Centre in Stockholm.  There are 26 participants in the seminars.

“We have been in cooperation with Swedish Social Democrats for some years.  We have worked together for some projects aiming at strengthening DPNS and its grassroots organizations.” said Zaw Zaw Htun, a party executive member.   These seminars are part of the projects that DPNS has worked through the process of empowering communities inside the country for political and social actions which contributes to the democratic development in Burma.

During the two-day seminars, Daniel Gullstrand and Raúl Urrutia made presentations about internal democracy based on Swedish social democratic model and Swedish labour movements while Björn Fridén led discussion about political activism online and tools for effective use of social media for political organization.

YNS leaders participated in 53rd Congress of Norwegian Labour Youth (AUF)

26 October 2012

Naw Maybel Htoo and Nay Min from Youth for a New Society (YNS) attended the 53rd congress of Norwegian Labour Youth (AUF) held in Oslo from 18 to 21 October 2012 as invited international guests together with youth leaders from South Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Lebanon, Georgia, West Sahara, Sweden and Denmark. AUF is Norway’s largest political youth organization affiliated with the Norwegian Labour Party.

Naw Maybel Htoo, Chair of YNS said “it was so inspiring and a great opportunity to observe functions of AUF’s congress and I would like to thank AUF for inviting us as representatives of YNS, a youth wing of DPNS (Democratic Party for a New Society). We are hoping to have closer cooperation and relationship in the future.”

The two leaders of YNS had also an opportunity to share their experiences with Norwegian young labours and young leaders from other countries.  Besides, they joined with other international delegations in series of meetings with government officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour, leaders of Labour Party, Norwegian Trade Union (LO) and officials of Norwegian People’s Aid.

“We have shared the update of and our views on current Burma‘s political situation. We can say that there are some positive changes in Burma, but have yet to be on the right track towards democratic transition.  The AUF congress passed a resolution on Burma and decided to continue using our country name as Burma as before after they voted and discussed whether they would call either Burma or Myanmar, while their labour party uses as Myanmar since last year,” said Nay Min, Secretary of YNS.

During their visit to Norway, they also have meetings with Deputy Foreign Minister, officials of Norwegian Burma Committee and Development Fund.  They held a meeting with members of DPNS (Norway Branch).

DPNS celebrated its 24th anniversary of party founding day

14 October 2012

Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) celebrated its 24th anniversary of party founding day by holding an event at the worker centre of party headquarters near the Thai-Burmese border on 14 October 2012.  Members of Burmese political organizations and civil society organizations in exile, party members including members of Youth for a New Society (YNS) and students from the party political training school were present at the celebration.  It was organized in the spirit of ‘Fight-for-Peace’.

“The current political situation [in Burma] may not be said at the stage of what we want to see and the country has yet to come into its transition to democracy.  We still need to strive for building peace in the country.  We are still far away from our goals and we need to walk on along with our struggle,” said Aung Moe Zaw, the Chairperson of DPNS.  He continued, “With the existence of 2008 Constitution, we may hardly say that Burma is in the right direction of transition to democracy.”

DPNS Chair arrives back Rangoon this afternoon

3 September 2012

Aung Moe Zaw, the Chairperson of Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) arrived at the Rangoon International Airport this afternoon making his first visit to Burma after being in exile for 22 years.  He made his visit with the invitation of mediators of the government’s peace building committee for meetings with the government officials.  “I planned this visit to meet and talk with the government officials on the official return of DPNS as a legal political party in Burma,” said Aung Moe Zaw before he left Bangkok, Thailand on 3 September 2012.

He made the visit to Burma in his capacity as the DPNS Chair in order to have meetings not only with the Burmese government ministers but also with political leaders and organizations including DPNS leaders and members in Burma.  He said, “I will first meet the government’s peace facilitators to know their plan for me and then, I will meet with my colleagues.  I will make requests for meetings with political leaders and organizations.  I am also visiting my native town before the end of my visit-visa.”