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Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU) and Youth for a New Society (YNS) began their cooperation and relationship

12 November 2012

Ms Marie Borum Pedersen and Mr Jens Hjorth-Larsen, comrades from Social Democratic Youth of Denmark (DSU) visited the office of Youth for a New Society (YNS) near the Thailand-Burma border from 4-11 November 2012.  The visit marked the first ever cooperation between the two youth organizations from Denmark and Burma.  It is a visit of identification of future cooperation between DSU and YNS aiming at sharing experiences and establishing a strong relationship between the two organizations.

During the visit, DSU representatives made presentation on Danish Social Democratic Party, Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU) and its affiliation with Danish Youth Council (DUF).  In exchange, YNS leaders presented updates on current political development in Burma, facts about DPNS and YNS and YNS’s political views on issues related to democracy, peace, equality and justice in Burma.  Beside, a workshop on cooperation and project planning was organized.

“We have learnt a lot from experiences of our Danish comrades. We feel a strong connection even though this is our first meeting. We have had a great week and series of fruitful discussion with them. We are happy that we could set up a relationship between DSU and YNS, and we are looking forward to building closer cooperation in the spirit of international solidarity in the future” said Naw Maybel Htoo, Chairperson of YNS.

DSU representatives also visited the DPNS political training school and offices of Burmese civil and political organizations based near the Thai-Burmese border. Furthermore, they also had an opportunity to visit Mae La refugee camp.

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