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Appeal to all citizens in Burma for fraternal and peaceful coexistence

25 March 2013

Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) gravely concerns about the outbreak of sectarian violent conflict in Meiktila since 20 March 2013.  It is imperative for all citizens of Burma, regardless of race and belief, to be united for development of the country.

Burma is a country of multi-races and -beliefs and thus, all races and beliefs shall peacefully coexist with mutual respects and compliments.

The government of Burma needs critically to investigate the cause of this incident and immediately take actions to resolve the conflict so as to prevent from any occurrence of similar incidents in future.  Besides, all victims of this miserable event need to be provided adequately with humanitarian assistance.

To prevent from dispersion of such incidents throughout the country, all citizens of Burma, particularly related organizations and individuals, are sincerely appealed to take seriously every necessary action.

Central Organizing Committee

Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS)

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