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DPNS received an invitation from the government's minister U Aung Min for an informal talk

20 January 2012

The Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) received yesterday an official invitation for an informal talk with U Aung Min, the Presidential representative of the current Burmese government.  In principle, the party agrees to meet with the government representative, but any detail on this regard has yet to discuss among members of the party’s central leading committee.

‘We see this [their invitation] as a positive sign and it is good to meet him since we have at all times called the regime for dialogue to deal with the political problems of our country’ said Aung Moe Zaw, Chairperson of the DPNS.  ‘However, at this time of moment it is hard to say how it will be taken place and where it will lead to.  At the same time, we don’t hold any illusion at all and we will try to find any possible way to move ahead with our goals.’ he added.


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