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DPNS General Secretary's Views on Burmese president’s call for citizens abroad to come home

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 21:47 Mizzima News

(Interview) – In a speech delivered in Naypyitaw on Wednesday, President Thein Sein said that organizations and people in exile could come back home by contacting their state or regional governments. Mizzima reporter Ko Wild interviewed exile-based political activists on their opinions on the president’s call.

Ngwe Lin, general-secretary Democratic Party for a New Society

Whether to go back home or not mainly depends on the existence of democracy and human rights and it depends on whether we can build a federal union that we have called for.

As far as I understand it, these things cannot be achieved under the rule of Thein Sein’s government or under the 2008 Constitution. Therefore, what he said has no significant meaning to us regardless of what he said.

If he really wants to build a genuine federal union, a new state with permanent peace, a new state with full democracy, then first he needs to release all the political prisoners, build a genuine peace across the country and convene an all-inclusive political dialogue. Without these things, such an invitation will have no meaning. It will just be a PR campaign.

If they issue a general amnesty order like in 1980, some of our idealist friends might go back home. But I think, under a situation of no concrete proposals about the future, no one will go back home. If one considers going back home under these circumstances, it would be foolish.

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