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Statement on Conflicts in Arakan State

10 June 2012

First of all, Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) join with all citizens in Arankan State in offering our grave concern on the current conflicts in some townships in Arakan State including Bu-thee-daung, Maung-daw, Sittwe and Taung-gote, and as be members of their family, is saddened for victims of those incidents. DPNS would like to express its view on these conflicts as follows:

1. DPNS seriously recommends that the authorities concerns need to handle cautiously in dealing with these issues since any racial and religious issue is in nature very sensitive.

2. DPNS firmly believes that the incidents currently happening in some areas of Arakan State shall be managed in order to prevent them from leading to the bigger level of racial or religious conflict.

3. DPNS strongly denounces any action and/or attempt manipulating the current incidents toward emergence of racial and religious conflicts.

4. DPNS observes that the root-causes of these conflicts are lack of rule of law and insufficient responsiveness of the government authorities in dealing with administrative affairs.  Therefore, DPNS views that the responsibility on this regards rests solely upon the government authorities.

5. DPNS argues that every citizen shall respect rights of minorities as Burma is a country where people with multi-races and multi-religions are living together.

6. Any act of lawlessness and violent attack shall be avoided by all.  DPNS sincerely appeals all citizens in Arakan State to solve the current conflicts by peaceful means.

7. DPNS urges all the people concerns to restore tranquility through building fraternity, trust and mutual value and upholding a spirit of union.

8. DPNS strongly requests all levels of authorities concerns to safeguard both mental and physical wellbeing of all citizens of Arakan State and solve immediately these problems in accordance with principles of rule of law.


Central Leading Committee

Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS)


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