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Young activists for democracy in Burma collectively formed The Youth for a New Society

3 February 2012

Youth for a New Society is formed by young activists aiming at achieving freedom, equality and solidarity of all the people of Burma. The founding members view that all the people of Burma have been confronted with oppressions by successive ruling regimes, various forms of social and economic exploitations and discrimination including gender discrimination. Therefore, the mission of Youth for a New Society is to build a peaceful society where all the people of Burma enjoy equality and freedom from oppressions, exploitations and discrimination.

An extra-ordinary meeting of young activists for democracy in Burma was successfully held from 2-3 February 2012 near the Thailand-Burma border. The meeting decided to set up a youth movement for democracy in Burma, namely ‘Youth for a New Society’ with 28- member organizing committee. The meeting democratically elected eleven members for the executive committee and five working committees to lead the organization and implement the organizational programmes.

The newly elected executive members are as follow:

  1. Naw Maybel Htoo                 Chairperson
  2. Sane Aung                                Vice- Chairperson
  3. Nay Min                                     Secretary
  4. May Zon                                    Deputy Secretary (1)
  5. Naddy                                        Deputy Secretary (2)
  6. Nan Tin Tin Nwe                     Member
  7. Ni Ni Kyaw                                Member
  8. Yan Naing Min                        Member
  9. Set Aung                                    Member
  10. Myo Hein                                  Member
  11. Than Htike Zaw                      Member

“We believe that every member of our society has responsibility to strike for self-determination and to participate in the process of building democratic and peaceful Burma. That’s why, we as young activists for a new society, would join hands in hands with all the people of Burma including all ethnic nationalities for creation of our future ourselves.” said by Naw Maybel Htoo, the newly elected Chairperson.

Executive Committee

Youth for a New Society


Media Contact:

Naw Maybel Htoo – 0816808500

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